ASX Today – Everything You Need To Know Before The Morning Bell

Good morning! Today will be the official Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you!

Here is today’s morning wrap up

US Exchange Overnight

The Dow Jones gained 0.7 percent and the S&P 500 gained 0.3 percent in the United States. However, the Nasdaq, which is based on technology, was out of sorts and fell 0.5 percent. This may have an effect on local tech stocks today. Pre-market activity today shows Dow Futures down -0.01%, S&P 500 Futures Down -0.05% and Nasdaq Futures down -0.04% according to CNN Business For live prices visit our Live Tracker here

ASX Today

Although the US market closed higher, pre-market data suggests a turn so we anticipate to be a day of confusion with not such a clear sign the market is ready to fully recover according to CNN Business.

Trading Halts Today:

Arrow Minerals (AMD.ASX) – capital raising
Amplia Therapeutics (ATX.ASX) – capital raising
Odyssey Gold (ODY.ASX) – exploration results
Mobecom (MBM.ASX) – transaction

Brent Crude OIl

WTI crude oil is up 1.23% percent to US$67.75 per barrel, according to commsec data, while signs that the current pandemic situation in India may have a great impact on Oil prices.


The spot gold price is up 0.09 percent to US$1,793.50 per ounce, according to CNBC. With such a great start to gold a recently announced Gold miner has gone into trading halt pending the release of a mining lease. The company said in the official ASX suspension:

The Company anticipates making the above noted announcement prior to the
commencement of trading on 04 May 2021. The trading halt should remain in place until
the earlier of commencement of trading on 04 May 2021 or when the announcement
referenced above is made.

Suspension from Official Quotation

Classic Minerals is an exploration and development company transforming itself into a gold producer. It is focused on gold deposits in Western Australia’s famous Goldfields region at Forrestania and Kat Gap.

We are eager to see the new announcement from Classic Mineral (CLZ.ASX)


According to Market Index Copper remained the same from previous days close to a total of 4.53 USD/lb having a 48.98% return in 1 year!

Australian Housing

Over the last 25 years, Australian house prices have risen by more than 500 percent, but although capital values have increased, yields have dropped to all-time lows. Studies suggest a huge increase in demand for houses following a decrease in the interest to purchase apartments, leaving a gap in the market.

That is today’s morning ASX wrap up as always safe and happy trading

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