ASX Today: rise & shine – Dow Jones falls as bitcoin retreats below $32,000

ASX Today: rise & shine – Dow Jones falls as bitcoin retreats below $32,000

ASX Today: rise & shine – Dow Jones falls as bitcoin retreats below $32,000

Good morning!

Here is today’s morning wrap up:

US Exchange

The Dow Jones moved lower overnight with a -0.088% move or -30.42 points. The S&P 500 gained a small amount overnight with a +0.018% rise or +0.74 points. The Nasdaq, Based on technology, up overnight as popular meme stocks were the pick, with a +0.31% gain or +43.19 points. Popular meme stocks included Gamestop (GME) rising 7.14% or +19.99 dollars.

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  • Tesla (TSLA) down overnight with a -0.25% loss or -1.54 dollar,
  • Apple (AAPL) Shares up overnight with a +0.67% gain or +0.84 dollars,
  • Amazon (AMZN) up overnight with a +2.07% gain or +66.10 dollars per share,
  • Microsoft (MSFT) down overnight with a -0.49% loss or -1.24 dollars per share,

ASX Today

This morning, the Australian stock market is projected to start the week slightly higher. The ASX 200 is predicted to open the day 10 points or 0.14 percent higher, according to the latest SPI futures.

June 8th ASX Wrap Up (LInk here)

The S&P/ASX 200 closed higher with a +0.15% gain or +10.70 points as technology stocks helped push the rally. Some optimism was in the air as Melbourne announced lockdown restrictions would ease as per schedule.


Bitcoin dipped as low as $31,035.49 before trying to recover. News that Donald Trump suggested that Bitcoin was a scam affecting the American dollar sunk in as investors dumped their holdings in cryptocurrency. Since then, Bitcoin has tried to recover:

Bitcoin: US$33,570.98 down -1.56% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Ethereum: US$2,529.44 down -3.33% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Dogecoin: US$0.331613 down -1.93% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Cardano: US$1.58 down -1.37% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data).
Stellar: US$0.353065 down -0.86% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data).

What stocks to watch today

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Trading Halts

Companies listed below are currently in a trading halt and are expected to resume trading within the next few trading days:


Torrens Mining (TRN.ASX) – exploration update
Zeus Resources (ZEU.ASX) – capital raising
PYC Therapeutics (PYC.ASX) – clinical results
Coda Minerals (COD.ASX) – exploration update
Bluglass (BLG.ASX) – capital raising
Superloop (SLC.ASX) – capital raising and acquisition
National Storage Reit (NSR.ASX) – entitlement offer


Celsius Resources (CLA.ASX) – drilling results
Duke Exploration (DEX.ASX) – capital raising


  • Brent Crude Oil up +0.98% to a total of $72.07 USD/BBL (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Crude Oil up +1.32% to a total of $70.01 USD/BBL (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Iron Ore price down -1.92% to a total of $204 (USD/MT) (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Palladium price down -0.84% to a total of $2,808.18 (USD/t oz) (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Coal up +1.34% to a total of $113.25 (USD/MT) (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Uranium up +1.89% today, to a price of $32.35 (USD/LBS)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Gold on the ASX Market Wrap up, Gold decreased -0.35% to a price of $1,892.66 (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Copper up +0.44% to a price of $4.55 (USD/lb)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Silver down -1.04% to a price of $27.61(USD/t)(Taken from IRESS data).
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Other News

  • Scott Morrison has issued a warning to world allies about China’s trade and security risks. – 9 News
  • Bitcoin’s bad run isn’t done yet, as prices continue to plummet. – 9 News
  • Melbourne’s COVID lockdown will be eased with the introduction of hospitality caps and a 25-kilometre transit bubble. – ABC
  • Melbourne is on the verge of a lockdown announcement. – News
  • The Delta epidemic was caused by a hotel quarantine breach, and the lockdown is likely to conclude on schedule. – Herald Sun
  • As the number of exposure sites grows to over 300, Victoria documents only two new local cases. – The Age
  • The AFP has now revealed the most significant operation in the history of policing.’ Here’s what we’ve learned so far. – ABC
  • The US Justice Department has seized millions of dollars from Darkside (Russian hackers). – News
  • 310 Victorian Covid-19 exposure sites include McDonald’s eateries and Chemist Warehouse outlets. – News
  • The trial for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has reached a critical stage, with judges set to hear evidence against the accused. – 9 News
  • Victoria’s lockdown could be extended due to a new strain. – News
  • ‘No one can guarantee your money,’ says a crypto expert. – Yahoo
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That is this morning’s ASX wrap-up; as always, stay safe and happy trading.

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