ASX Today: rise & shine – positive outlook as US markets close green

ASX Today: rise & shine – positive outlook as US markets close green

ASX Today: rise & shine – positive outlook as US markets close green

Good morning!

Here is today’s morning wrap up:

US Exchange

The Dow Jones moved higher with a +1.05% move or +75.20 points and the S&P 500 followed with a +0.14% gain or +6.08 points overnight. The Nasdaq, Based on technology, up overnight with a +0.14% lift or +19.85 points. Post your thought on our new DB Stock ForumSign up free here.

  • Interconexion Electrica S.a. E.s.p. – Isa  (IESFY) the highest gainer overnight with a +8200.00% gain or +246.00 dollars per share.
  • The Real Brokerage Inc (REAXD) highest loser overnight with a -73.72% drop or -19.6368 dollars,
  • Tesla (TSLA) down overnight with a -3.01% loss or -18.78 dollar,
  • Apple (AAPL) Shares up overnight with a +0.63% gain or +0.78 dollars,
  • Amazon (AMZN) green overnight with a +0.48% gain or +15.34 dollars per share,

ASX Today

On Thursday, the Australian stock market is expected to rise once more. According to the latest SPI futures, the ASX 200 is likely to begin 17 points or 0.25 percent higher this morning.

June 2nd ASX Wrap Up (LInk here)

The S&P/ASX 200 closed the day just under its all-time high with a +1.05% lift or +75.20 points; today marks the highest high the XJO experienced of 7218.900 before closing to a value of 7217.80. Today the sectors helped the rally with the materials, Energy and utilities, all lifting the market this evening.

What stocks to watch today

The stocks to watch for the ASX today are yesterday’s best gainers; these are listed on our daily wrap-up of each trading day. For a wrap-up of the previous trading, day Gainers click here.

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Trading Halts

Companies listed below are currently in a trading halt and are expected to resume trading within the next few trading days:


CI Resources (CII.ASX) – acquisition
Vonex (VN8.ASX) – acquisition


Nova Minerals Ltd (NVA.ASX) – resource update
Straker Translation (STG.ASX) – capital raising
Castillo Copper (CCZ.ASX) – capital raising
Straker Translations Ltd (STG.ASX) – equity raising


  • Brent Crude Oil up +1.06% to a total of $71.23 USD/BBL (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Iron Ore up +2.98% to a price of $207.5 (USD/MT) (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Uranium up +0.16% today, closing to a price of $31.45 (USD/LBS)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Gold on the ASX Market Wrap up, Gold increased +0.53% to a price of $1,908.56 (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Copper down -1.07% closing to a price of $4.61 (USD/lb)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Silver up +1.19% to a price of $28.15 (USD/t)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • To Keep up with the latest news and Commodity Prices, make sure to check out our News Ticker Here.


Bitcoin positive this week as the popular cyrptocurrency tries to recover, here are the latest prices:

Bitcoin: US$37,594.00 up +3.69% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Ethereum: US$2,698.64 up +4.69% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Dogecoin: US$0.423177 up +16.59% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Cardano: US$1.75 up +1.98% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data).
Stellar: US$0.419978 up +0.19% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data).

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Other News

  • After less than a month, Donald Trump’s blog is shut down. – 9 News
  • A woman has been arrested in connection with a ‘deliberately lit’ fire in Adelaide’s CBD, which injured five people. – 7 News
  • During the pandemic, Australians working from home should be aware of the risk of cancer. – 7 News
  • Residents in Melbourne have been warned to expect weeks of restrictions after the lockdown lifts. – News
  • A massive sinkhole in Mexico threatens to engulf a rural home. – News
  • The first human case of the uncommon H10N3 strain of avian flu has been confirmed in China. – 7 News
  • As a result of rapid COVID transmission, Victoria’s lockdown is set to be extended. – News
  • Krispy Kreme’s 100,000 doughnut giveaway has sparked a fan frenzy on the internet. – 9 News
  • In a shooting outside a US concert, two people were murdered, and more than 20 were injured. – 7 News
  • In a huge shift, China has announced a new three-child policy. – News
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That is this morning’s ASX wrap-up; as always, stay safe and happy trading.

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