ASX Today rise & shine US market slip as gold rises

ASX Today: rise & shine – US market slips as gold rises

ASX Today: rise & shine – US market slips as gold rises

Good morning!

Here is today’s morning wrap up:

US Exchange Overnight

The Dow Jones slipped -0.24% or -81.52 points, and the S&P 500 down -0.21% or -8.92 points overnight. The Nasdaq, Based on technology, down -0.029% overnight or -4.00 points. This may impact local tech stocks today. Visit our Live Tracker here.

  • Tesla (TSLA) down overnight with a -0.29% drop or -1.75 dollar,
  • Apple (AAPL) Shares down overnight with a -0.16% gain or -0.20 dollars,
  • Amazon (AMZN) green overnight with a +0.43% gain or +14.06 dollars per share,
  • Novan Inc (NOVN) the highest loser overnight with a -40.36% drop or -0.5650 dollars,
  • Pieris Pharamceticuls Inc (PIRS) the highest gainer overnight with a +103.24% gain or +1.91 dollars per share.

ASX Today

The Australian stock market is expected to have an average trading day on Wednesday. However, according to the latest SPI futures, the ASX 200 is likely to begin 34 points, or 0.5 percent, down this morning.

May 25th ASX recap (LInk here)

Strong finish today as the S&P/ASX 200 had its fourth green day closing +0.98% or +69.30 points higher than yesterday. However, iron ore futures continue to fall as China’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission keeps a lid on commodity prices.

What stocks to watch today

The stocks to watch for today are yesterday’s best gainers; these are listed on our daily wrap-up of each trading day. For a wrap-up of the previous trading, day Gainers click here.

88 Energy Limited (88E.ASX)
Helix Resources Limited (HLX.ASX)

Trading Halts (Wednesday)

Companies listed below are currently in a trading halt and are expected to resume trading within the next few trading days:

Odyssey Gold (ODY.ASX) – exploration results
Vital Metals (VML.ASX) – exploration results
1414 Degrees (14D.ASX) – management updates
Winchester Energy (WEL.ASX) – capital raising
New Zealand Oil and Gas (NZO.ASX) – asset acquisition
MyState (MYS.ASX) – capital raising
Navarre Minerals (NML.ASX) – capital raising
Central Petroleum (CTP.ASX) – asset sale
BNK Banking (BBC.ASX) – capital raising
Latitude Consolidated (LCD.ASX) – capital raising
Aldoro Resources (ARN.ASX) – strategic review outcome
Cue Energy Resources (CUE.ASX) – asset acquisition


  • Brent Crude Oil up +0.06% to a total of $68.53 USD/BBL (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Iron Ore down -3.05% overnight to a price of $191 (USD/MT)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Uranium price remaining the same to a total of $31.15 (USD/LBS) (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Gold on the ASX Market Wrap up Gold experienced a gain of +1.13% to a price of $1898.95 (Taken from IRESS data).
  • Copper down today with a -0.44% loss to a price of $4.52 (USD/lb)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • Silver up overnight with a +1.08% move to a price of $27.99 (USD/t)(Taken from IRESS data).
  • To Keep up with the latest news and Commodity Prices, make sure to check out our News Ticker Here.

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Since the turbulence, bitcoin (BTC-USD), ethereum (ETH-USD), and dogecoin (DOGE-USD) still struggling with volatility.

Bitcoin: US$38,198.44 down -0.74% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Ethereum: US$2,696.36 up +2.51% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Dogecoin: US$0.346440 down -2.49% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data).

Other News

  • If he hadn’t swapped his bitcoin for pizza, a Florida man would have $5 billion. – 9 News
  • Four additional COVID cases have been reported in Victoria as the outbreak spreads. – News
  • How Australia’s COVID vaccine deployment fell short, leaving us “in a dangerous position. – ABC News
  • Following China’s tough shift, major cryptocurrencies have taken a fall. – News
  • Experts predict additional losses for Qantas as the airline struggles to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. – News
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That is this morning’s ASX wrap-up; as always, stay safe and happy trading.

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