ASX Today: rise & shine – US markets closed as crude oil breaks $75

ASX Today: rise & shine – US markets closed as crude oil breaks $75

ASX Today: rise & shine – US markets closed as crude oil breaks $75

Good morning!

Here is today’s morning wrap up:

US Exchange

US financial markets were closed on Monday for the Independence Day holiday.

[Recap] The Dow Jones moved higher friday with a +0.44% move or +152.820 points. The S&P 500 gained also, moving +0.75% or +32.40 points. Based on technology, the Nasdaq gained overnight, closing with a +0.81% gain or -+116.949 points.

  • Tesla (TSLA) moving +0.14% or +0.98 dollars,
  • Apple (AAPL) moving +1.96% or +2.69 dollars,
  • Amazon (AMZN) moving -2.27% or -78.01 dollars per share,
  • Microsoft (MSFT) moving +2.23% or +6.05 dollars per share.

ASX Today

This morning, the Australian stock market is projected to start Tuesday higher. The ASX 200 is predicted to open the day 19 points or 0.26 percent higher today, according to the latest SPI futures.

Previous Day ASX Wrap Up (LInk here)

ASX Today closed flat, up 6.4 points, or 0.09 percent, to 7,315.0. After slipping from the morning’s early highs of 7,343.7, the index stayed grounded this afternoon.

Industrials outperformed the market today, rising 4.9 percent, boosted by a 33.9 percent surge in Sydney Airport (SYD), which added 16.4 points to the benchmark (more below). Energy prices grew by 2.0%, while utilities rose by 1.0%. IT was the poorest performer, falling 1%, followed by consumer discretionary, which fell 0.9 percent, and telecommunications, which fell 0.8 percent.

What stocks to watch today

The stocks to watch for the ASX today are yesterday’s best gainers; these are listed on our daily wrap-up of each trading day. For a wrap-up of the previous trading, day Gainers click here.


Bitcoin: US$34,100.34 -4.60% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Ethereum: US$2,235.81 -5.90% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),
Dogecoin: US$0.234283 -6.03% in 24hrs (Taken from Coindesk data),

Day trading Thread Now Open – July 6th

Each trading day, we feature breakfast from around the world as we discuss which trading opportunities present themselves. Today we discover traditional Lebanon’s food. Click here to post your thoughts.

Trading Halts

Companies listed below are currently in a trading halt and are expected to resume trading within the next few trading days:


Poseidon Nickel (ASX:POS) – ASX query and assay results
Carpentaria Resources (ASX:CAP) – capital raising
Metgasco (ASX:MEL)  – capital raising
Highfield Resources (ASX:HFR) – status of mining concession


Norwest Energy (ASX:NWE) – rig sharing agreement and drilling contract
RooLife Group (ASX:RLG) – capital raising
HomeCo Daily Needs REIT (ASX:HDN) – capital raising


Brent Crude Oil 77.1476.031.34%USD/BBL
Crude Oil 76.3275.091.57%USD/BBL
Iron ore217.5218-0.23%USD/MT
Palladium2,813.492,785.541%USD/t oz
Gold1,790.871,787.370.29%USD/t oz
Copper4.294.280.23%USD/t oz
Silver26.4826.450.19%USD/t oz
Nickel18,35218,103.501.37%USD/t oz
Data taken from IRESS

Other News

  • Despite pressure on the state government to lift restrictions, experts believe the Sydney lockdown may need to be extended. – News
  • Australia has paid AstraZeneca hundreds of millions of dollars for COVID-19 vaccinations. However, the agreement is a ‘national security’ secret. – ABC
  • A deal has been made to liberate a ship that had been blocking the Suez Canal. – 9 News
  • There are fears that the epidemic in NSW would ‘take off’ if the curfew is lifted too soon. – News
  • Thousands in India have been duped by a fake COVID-19 vaccine fraud. – 9 News
  • As the east coast wakes up to a chilly morning, severe weather continues across WA. – 9 News

That is this morning’s ASX wrap-up; as always, stay safe and happy trading.

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