ASX Today – What You Need To Know Before Opening Bell

Good morning.

Here is everything you need to know before the ASX opening

Following a strong start to the week on Wall Street, the Australian share market looks likely to rebound on Tuesday. The ASX 200 is forecast to open 10 points or 0.15 percent higher this morning, according to the latest SPI futures.

Commodity Prices

Gold1,780.27-0.01 %-0.17USD per Troy Ounce07:25:00 PM
Palladium2,930.50-0.05 %-1.50USD per Troy Ounce07:12:00 PM
Platinum1,252.000.52 %6.50USD per Troy Ounce07:23:00 PM
Rhodium2,175.002.11 %45.00per Troy Ounce5/18/2018
Silver26.21-0.04 %-0.01USD per Troy Ounce07:24:00 PM
Commodities taken from:
Natural Gas (Henry Hub)2.800.18 %0.01USD per MMBtu07:08:00 PM
Ethanol2.200.00 %0.00per Gallon04:43:00 PM
Heating Oil49.660.00 %0.00USD per 100 Liter06:37:00 PM
Coal72.001.41 %1.00per Ton4/22/2021
RBOB Gasoline1.980.09 %0.00per Gallone07:00:00 PM
Uranium28.80-1.91 %-0.55per 250 Pfund U3084/21/2021
Oil (Brent)65.79-0.50 %-0.33USD per Barrel05:19:00 PM
Oil (WTI)62.010.06 %0.04USD per Barrel07:15:00 PM
Commodities taken from:
Aluminium2,403.500.89 %21.16USD per Ton12:04:00 PM
Lead2,054.000.87 %17.65USD per Ton06:58:00 AM
Iron Ore177.580.35 %0.62per Dry Metric Ton04:57:00 AM
Copper9,758.202.23 %212.45USD per Ton06:42:00 AM
Nickel16,449.001.85 %299.00USD per Ton11:39:00 AM
Zinc2,900.353.75 %104.89USD per Ton11:40:00 AM
Tin28,338.002.28 %631.00USD per Ton07:48:00 AM
Commodities taken from:

Yesterday, the spot price of iron ore hit a new high of over US$190 per tonne. The price of ore landed in China increased by $6.35, or 3.4 percent, to US$191.45 per tonne. For a list of ASX Iron Ore Stocks Click here

After port workers in Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, called for a general strike, the metal rose to its highest level since August 2011. The price of benchmark copper on the London Metal Exchange increased by 2% to US$9,771 per tonne. Aluminium was up 1.6%, nickel was up 1.7%, lead was up 0.9%, zinc was up 2.2%, and tin was up 0.8%. The price of copper in the United States increased by 2.4 percent to $4.44 per pound.

ASX Stocks

What is on pause and what is to come?


  • Carbon Revolution (CBR.ASX) – Announces a Capital Raising
  • Volt Resources (VRC.ASX) – Execution of Vendor agreements

That is today’s morning ASX wrap up as always safe and happy trading

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