Beginner Day Trading Course

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

Want to learn how to trade the market and understand the basic principles? This course is suitable for introductory level traders looking to make a living from Day trading or simply changing careers.


This course covers the basics of how to start day trading

This course has 6 segments which needs to be completed and will be assessed on your understanding.

  • Segment 1- introduction to trading
  • Segment 2 – Introduction to candle sticks
  • Segment 3 – Introduction to support and resistance levels
  • Segment 4 – How the market works
  • Segment 5 – Software
  • Segment 6 – Charting

Each segments contains an assessment which will be asses by an examiner before proceeding to the next

Topics for this course

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introduction to trading ?

This Topic will cover an introduction into the world of trading
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Beginner Day Trading Course
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