Grade Analysis Spread Sheet

A company has just released an announcement with base metal findings, energy, fertilizers, or precious metals in most scenarios. But you are left unsure whether the announcement is even good news or bad news! At DavidBeshay have created an easy guide for you to print out and track if a company has released good grades or bad! Click the image to download to PDF.

Despite this spreadsheet only covering the general grades, you will also need to consider that rock sampling is different in terms of Gold grading.

When determining grades in the mining sector, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before concluding; if we use Gold as an example, a good gold grade can be a positive sign; however, depth is significant, as when drilling anything below 300m will become highly inefficient, even though the grade is of high percentage from a deep depth of 300 meters, the cost to extract this gold would be excessively high if they did decide to continue.

Otherwise Click here to download our spread sheet

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