Intermediate Course To Long/Short Term Stock Investment


This Intermediate to stock investment course is perfect for those who interested to further their studies in learning how traders choose stocks to invest in for the long term/short term period, Stock trading has become hugely popular in 2021 with more than 300,000 new users entering the market. It makes perfect sense to get the ultimate edge and learn how you use tools to help invest in the market. Most traders lose money and by investing your time into education you can better understand why. We recommend to start from the introduction course  for prior learning. This online Course has 3 modules – more details below

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Stock investment has become hugely popular while working at home. While many go in blindly and invest their superannuation into something that they have never studied or done before can have negative ramifications. This course is designed to help give you a sense of understanding before investing your hard earned money into the stock market.

Let’s face it luck does exist and if you have done well so far, why not continue this with education

The course is online, each module is to be completed through our education portal, all students to complete and pass all exams prior to moving onto the next module. A maximum attempt of 3 tries of each exam. For help students can contact our education team during staffed hours via our contact us page

Course Structure

  • Module 1 – Growth Potential
  • Exam
  • Module 2 – Business Research
  • Exam
  • Module 3 – Advanced Charting
  • Exam
  • Module 4 – Financials and Liabilities advanced
  • Exam
  • Module 5 – Advanced Recap
  • Exam



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